Guide to Traveling to Vietnam with Your Baby

Vietnam is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. However, most parents are on the edge when it comes to traveling here with children, thinking it’s too much of an effort and their little babies might not be completely safe. However, Vietnam is a safe destination to travel with children. The location itself doesn’t present any major risks, but, as always, children can be unpredictable. To make sure you don’t come across any unpleasant surprises on your vacation and everyone has a great time, you can take some precautions and security measures:


Choose the right time of year for your vacation

Travelling with children involves more planning. Vietnam, while being an amazing destination all year-around for adults, demands more planning when travelling with children. The best time to travel with children to Vietnam is December. The weather is just right, with a lot of sunny days and fewer crowds. To help your baby have a comfortable time during the whole trip, choose suitable clothing for this time of the year. Full length onesies are perfect, but bring short-sleeved ones, just in case.

Although mosquitoes are not the biggest issue during this time of the year, bring bug repellent sprays and lotions with you. Make sure they are baby-friendly, to avoid skin rashes.

December is still one of the best months to travel to Vietnam with children, especially regions like Hanoi.

Bring the right type of food

Although the Vietnamese cuisine is incredible and you MUST taste it, your baby will need special food. Research which type of baby formulas available on the market is more suitable for travel purposes. Specialists recommend choosing the powdered one. It takes up less space in your luggage and it’s more resistant in high temperatures and humidity. It will be a bit of a hassle to mix the powder each time you want to feed your baby, but this is the safest solution.

Remember that in Vietnam, breastfeeding in public is inappropriate. This is still a conservative country, and such acts are regarded as indecent exposure.

Local Tip: When preparing the baby formula, remember to always boil the water beforehand.

Being a stroller or a baby carrier

Traveling to Vietnam with a baby means that you also have to choose carefully between a stroller and a baby carrier. While in some areas, the roads are paved and wide enough for a stroller, a baby carrier is a far better option. In other areas, like the Old Quarter, the pavement is bumpy and narrow. Plus, you will have to transfer with your baby to pagodas and make your way to the local temples. A baby carrier is a far better solution.

Bring a changing mat

A portable changing mat will simplify your life when travelling to places like Vietnam. Finding a toilet or a baby room on your sightseeing adventures might be a challenge. This means you have to be prepared to change your baby’s diapers even in inconvenient places. Portable changing mats are comfortable and can be placed on different surfaces.